Your favorite sports picks without the downside.

Gamepick is designed as a fun way for you to invest your money.

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How gamepick works

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    Transfer money into your account and receive Diamonds

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    Make picks on sports odds using Diamonds

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    Enhance your experience by challenging your friends

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    Watch your portfolio grow

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Why should I use Gamepick?

Gamepick is a revolutionary new way to enjoy sports gaming. Win or lose the pick, you get the fun of playing with less risk and more reward. You can play against your friends–not nameless strangers on the internet– while your money is actually securely transferred to a personally tailored investment portfolio. Building personal wealth while cheering on your favorite sports team. Does it get better than that?

Over the long run, you are more likely to earn more money than if you keep picking games in Vegas.

Why should I become a client?

* Studies show that if famous radio sports pundits made picks with our system instead of the traditional Vegas method, their monetary returns over the last ten years would have been significantly higher. You should become a client so you get to play the game you love and make more money all while taking on less risk.

By investing your money, instead of the old fashioned method, you have the possibility to earn much more wealth.

Gamepick is a registered investment advisor fully licensed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). gamepick’s revolutionary game play by investing your money allows you to earn more wealth.

Why do I need an application?

Each client will receive tax documents to report annual earnings from their portfolio account. An application is needed to make sure we provide these earning reports accurately and timely to you.

Applications take 1-2 business days to be approved.

Gamepick is provided free of charge to our clients as a fun way to enjoy investing and continuing to build your personal wealth. It helps our clients play a game they love in a reasonable and risk adverse way. If you would like to demo the game before becoming a client, you can participate in a free 30-day trial. As you start to play, you will see the benefits of playing in this revolutionary way.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we'll get back to as soon as possible.

Gamepick is designed as a fun way for you to invest your money. To get the most out of gamepick, we suggest the following:

  1. Keep playing. The more money you invest, the more picks you can make and more you can play. You will see your wealth grow much quicker every time you add more to your investment account.
  2. Invite your friends, colleagues, family, whoever to play with you in groups. Maybe one of your friends makes a challenge that requires you to put an extra dollar or two into your portfolio account – GREAT! This encourages you to invest more and grow your wealth faster. There is no better way than peer pressure to encourage each other to invest.
  3. Get as many entries into tournaments as possible. Our tournaments are great ways to make real money. There are multiple ways to enter these tournaments (winning your group, transferring diamonds or getting additional entries). Your number of entries is unlimited. With these massive rewards that get transferred directly to your portfolio account, your wealth will grow significantly.

Beta users get more diamonds by clicking on the “Redeem your 100 diamonds” button. This button is available every seven days during the beta testing.

There are a couple of ways to get more diamonds. The first is to transfer money into your portfolio account. For every dollar you add to your portfolio account, you receive a diamond in exchange. If you have found that you have run out of diamonds and can’t make any more picks, go to the transfer link. Your bank account is linked to your portfolio account. Just type in the amount of diamonds you want to transfer and follow the on-page instructions. You will see the additional funds show up in your portfolio balance within 24 hours.

gamepick gives you the ability to make recurring transfers to your portfolio. You can choose the daily/weekly/monthly occurrence to make sure you continually have diamonds available for playing and more importantly, this will continue to increase your personal wealth.

The second way to get more diamonds is to win your picks. So, make sure you do your homework before making that pick!

For the first time ever, you get to compete picking games against your friends. Joining a group gives you the ability to see one another’s picks and jump in on their pick. If you think your friend made a good pick, join them and together you can cheer on your pick to win the game. Conversely, if you think your friend made a horrible pick, you can challenge them and go against them.

Think the fun ends there? Join in on the chat and call out your friend for making horrendous picks! You can tag your friend (use the @ followed by their username) and send them a message only your group can see.

Click on the My Group menu to see all the groups you are a part of. If you want to add a group, click on the create a group button. In the group creation setting, you can choose your group name and how the different sports you want to compete against. The next step is to add your friend’s email address and they will automatically receive a link to join your group.

Not only can you view your past results, but you can see the results of others in your group. Just click on your user profile and their most recent picks will appear. There is also another tab called “Past” to view their historical results.

Rankings inside of each group and nationally are based on how many diamonds you have won. You and another user may have the same winning percentage, but the person who risked more on each pick or made picks with worse odds get rewarded.

New to picking games?

Please refer to our picking 101 guide to interpret the odds and understand the nuances of picking.

Picking 101

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Gamepick is a fun environment to encourage you to invest your money without the downside.

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  • Strategic investing to get better returns than you would in Vegas
  • Gameify your investing and savings to build your wealth in a fun and exciting way
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